Given the vast customization choices available, I cannot fix a price without knowing what you want. So please send me an e-mail stating your preferences. You need to tell me if you want every piece mounted on a support or if you want to think about it; if you want certain protective treatment or the work ready to be hung, framed and maybe even provided with a certificate of authenticity on a high-quality watermarked sheet of paper in A4 format, signed by the author and by the printing laboratory.

The printing of a work of 100x50 may approximately cost € 70, but the price may go up to € 300 if you want it printed on the best paper, mounted on the best support and framed with the largest white border possible and the available aluminum frame. It is impossible for me to give you a clear indication of the price due to the wide range of possibilities.

Some people use mid quality materials and offer fixed prices to attract more buyers, but in my opinion, having choices is very important. However, in case you are not experts I can certainly advise you what kind of paper you should use and other customizations, but always considering your budget.

Only at this point I will be able to tell you the final price. Shipping to Italy is free, but prices for shipping abroad vary depending on the area. Therefore, I need you to specify everything you want so I can tell you the probable cost. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions.


Photo Lab

The laboratory we buy products from is the best one in Italy, Photogem is a professional photo lab certified by Epson Digigraphie, specialized in professional photo printing, fine art printing, printing on canvas, prints and panels for photo exhibitions, printing of professional portfolios and black and white printing.

You will always find a description of each customization available for your printing in this menu. You can just order the printing or a work ready to be hung, framed and mounted on a stand.


Fine Art Printing and Digigraphie


The term Fine art is often misused to identify mysterious techniques or printing materials.

Photogem understands by Fine art printing the printing of works, photographic or pictorial, that need to be reproduced with meticulous care on valuable materials and using techniques that ensure the highest quality and durability.

Fine art prints, except for those made on photographic paper or canvas, can be "marked" with an embossed stamp, generally located at the bottom to the right, preferably within a white border, that identifies the laboratory and the technology used for reproduction (Digigraphie)



Certificate of Authenticity

certificato autenticità

Upon request, for each Fine art print, the Photogem photo laboratory may issue a certificate printed on a watermarked high-quality sheet of paper in A4 format, with two numbered holographic stamps that are stuck on the certificate and on the back of the Fine art print.

In that way each certificate is unequivocally matched to the print it refers to.

The certificate contains data of reproduction, numbers and information about the material and technology used, as well as the signature of the laboratory and of the author.



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